Green & Sustainable Design Survey, 2012


Since the first Design Futures Council Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design 11 years ago, the DFC has gathered information, statistics, and success stories on sustainable design. We have come to understand better the challenges, scenarios, and models requiring leadership ingenuity.

Our 2012 Sustainable Design Survey of A/E/C leaders is our biggest and best ever, tabulating the activities and opinions of the most successful design firms:

  • The individuals, firms, and suppliers they most admire as sustainability role models
  • The factors that are helping – and hindering – their firm’s ability to achieve higher levels of building performance
  • The cost difference to design, construct, and operates green buildings
  • The professional organizations they think are best deploying resources for sustainability
  • How sustainable design certification is encouraged in their firm
  • The type of training they give employees about green design issues
  • Satisfaction with their own firm's progress toward green design
  • How much of their work is environmentally responsible
  • Historical comparisons with past years' data
  • And much more!

Also in this issue are in-depth articles from some of the most respected figures in architecture and design:

Professionals of Agility and Responsibility

Developing your own world class strategy

Making the Future

Leaders weigh in regarding sustainable and high-performance design

A Sampling of H.R. Policies and Credentialing Incentives
Are credentials rewarded in your firm?

Intelligent Building Design
The evolution of sustainability through parametric modeling

Revitalizing Communities by Design
Change can be both productive and destructive

The Lighter Side of Change
A retrospective of editorial cartoons in DesignIntelligence

Bringing Lean Principles into Sustainable Design
Lean process improvement more important than ever

Open Hand Studio and Social Sustainability in American A/E Practice
The story of the Open Hand Studio highlights socially responsible design

Case Study: The Synergy Tower:
Merging advanced workplace strategy with high rise design

75 pages, July/August 2012