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Whether you need a large registration form or just a simple contact form, ProcessWire Form Builder helps you get the job done quickly and easily. Building forms used to be time consuming and frustrating, but Form Builder makes it a simple pleasure. It will literally save you hours, and potentially days, of time. 

EASY. Building front-end forms on your website has never been so simple. ProcessWire Form Builder lets you create, edit and publish forms with no development necessary. The goal was to create a system where you could discover a need for a form and have it running, and ready to take input, in as little as 5 minutes. See the video below, where we do just that.

POWERFUL. When it comes to long forms or complex needs, ProcessWire Form Builder has you covered. Advanced input capabilities like asmSelect, file and image fields, date pickers and variable width fields and fieldsets are easily accessible in Form Builder. Form Builder can also export spreadsheets of your form results, cross-post to 3rd party services, and embed forms in multiple ways.

RISK FREE. If you purchase Form Builder and don't love it, get a full refund. See the Form Builder satisfaction guarantee and return policy

Note: you may want to switch to HD/720P mode in the video above. This video has no sound, so no need to adjust your volume.


  • Create unlimited forms with any number of fields
  • Create and publish forms with no programming necessary
  • Saves entries to a database, email, ProcessWire page, 3rd party service, auto-responder, or any combination of these
  • Insert a form on any page in your site just by typing its name in the text.
  • Access control for submitting forms, editing forms and viewing entries. 

Input Features

From the get-go, Form Builder supports sixteen different input types. Here are a few examples: 

  • AsmSelect (multiple selection)
  • Checkboxes (single and multiple)
  • Date and date+time with optional date/time picker
  • Email and URL
  • Fieldsets and nested fieldsets
  • Files (including images)
  • Float and integer
  • Hidden
  • Selectable pages / page references
  • Radio buttons
  • Select and select multiple
  • Text and textarea (naturally)

In addition, you can add any number of additional input types by installing more input field plugins in your ProcessWire installation.

Field Features

  • Drag-and-drop sortable fields
  • Ability to duplicate existing fields when creating new fields
  • All fields support both labels and extended descriptions
  • Column width, enabling you to stack fields horizontally
  • Required and optional fields
  • Placeholders for text and date fields
  • Nestable fieldsets
  • Collapsible fields and fieldsets
  • Customizable settings per input type
  • Live preview built right into the Form Builder editor

Form Submission Features

  • Saves entries to a database where they can be browsed and edited
  • Browse entries by date range
  • Export entries to a CSV spreadsheet file
  • Create ProcessWire pages from submitted entries
  • Email form submissions to one or more people
  • Send an auto-responder
  • Conditionally email form submission to different people based on field values
  • Cross-post form submissions to 3rd party services (like Salesforce)
  • Add additional fields, remove or rename fields on-the-fly as they are submitted to a 3rd party service
  • Submit to your own handler (like if you want to use Form Builder to create advanced search forms in your site)
  • Display a success message, redirect to another URL or pull text from another page to display after form submission

Spam Filtering Features

  • Akismet support for service-based spam filtering
  • Support for a user-defined honeypot field to keep out automated spam submissions
  • Support for a user-defined turing test, where a user must answer a question correctly before the submission will be accepted
  • CSRF and session key support ensures form submission are only accepted from the person the form was delivered to

Form Embedding Features

  • Easy embed method that lets you copy and paste a tag to embed your form right from the page editor (no development required!)
  • Template embed method that lets you render the form in your template. 
  • Custom embed method for more fine grained control for those that want it. 

Import/Export Features

  • Export an entire form definition and import it somewhere else with a simple copy+paste. For example, you could create a form locally, then copy and paste the definition to your live website and have it up-and-running in under a minute. 
  • Export form entry results to a CSV file that can be read by your spreadsheet for more detailed analysis, or imported into any number of other tools (including ProcessWire's ImportPagesCSV module). 

Theme Features

  • 25 different form themes included 
  • Easy to create new themes via the jQuery UI Themeroller 
  • Comprehensive structured markup that can be adjusted to fit nearly any style (if you don't want to use themes)
  • Forms are responsive and adapt to screen or container width

Entries Features

  • Browse entries newest-to-oldest or oldest-to-newest
  • Send entries to ProcessWire pages
  • Browse and optionally export entries by date range
  • Full control over what fields appear in the entry list view
  • Make edits to existing entries
  • Pagination of entries to ensure scalability

What's Included

  • Use of Form Builder on your website for as long as you want (including related development/staging site, if applicable)
  • 1-year of free upgrades
  • 1-year of VIP support
  • 1-year of membership to the ProcessWire Form Builder forum with VIP access
  • Fast electronic delivery of the Form Builder application and automated email delivery of your license key (typically within 15 minutes)


  • Requires ProcessWire 2.2.9 or newer

Purchase Options

  • Single: may be used on 1 website. $39
  • Professional: may be used on 3 different websites. $99
  • Developer: may be used on as many new sites as you [an individual developer] create over the period of 1 year. $149
  • Agency/firm: may be used on as many websites as your agency/firm creates for a period of 1 year. $249

You may pay by VISA, Mastercard or American Express through the DesignIntelligence bookstore (where you are now). You may also use PayPal by contacting Ryan directly. 

Your transaction will be processed instantly and you'll receive a software download link. Shortly after that, you will receive an e-mail with your license key. If you do not receive your license key within 15 minutes, check your spam box. If you still can't find it, contact me and I'll email it to you directly. 

Satisfaction Guarantee and Return Policy

I want to make sure that you are happy with Form Builder, especially since you don't have the opportunity to try it out ahead of time. If you purchase a copy of Form Builder and find it doesn't meet your needs and you won't be able to use it, you may get a full refund within 7 days of your purchase. Please contact Ryan for a refund (rather than DesignIntelligence). 

About the Form Builder Project and Author

This Form Builder is developed by Ryan Cramer, lead developer of ProcessWire CMF/CMS. Form Builder was created to support the ProcessWire project as a whole, and I wanted to make sure that it was something really special. By purchasing and using the Form Builder, you are supporting development of not just Form Builder, but ProcessWire as well. Thank you for your interest in and support of ProcessWire. Should you have any questions about Form Builder, please visit the ProcessWire forum or send me a message from the ProcessWire contact form (powered by Form Builder of course!). 


Form Builder is now sold directly from the ProcessWire store
Click here to be taken there

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