Multinational Design Firm Fee Survey, 2014


Many U.S.-based firms are finding growth outside U.S. borders, and this phenomenon isn’t strictly for the biggest players. Our 2014 analysis of U.S.-based architecture practices working abroad shows continued growth in global opportunities for firms that are prepared to make the commitment.

This special issue ranks the U.S. firms that are working around the globe. You’ll discover:

  • The U.S.-based multinational design firms
  • How much their international billings are
  • Historical perspectives on multinational work by U.S. firms
  • Where in the world the multinationals work

And also in this issue are feature articles from some of the most notable architecture and design firm leaders, offering experience and strategic optimism:

  • Global Market Share is Expanding for U.S.-Based Firms
    U.S.-based multinational firms are thriving in a growing global market
  • 2014 DesignIntelligence Multinational Design Firm Fee Survey
    A survey of top U.S.-based multinational design firms
  • Opening a New Office: A Case for Restraint
    Weighing the risks and rewards of expanding into new markets
  • Richard Tomlinson: Career Retrospective
    A partner from SOM shares lessons from a storied and prolific career
  • Building a Global Design Practice
    How Gensler maintains quality, culture while expanding globally
  • On the Road to Global Opportunities in Design and Construction
    Emerging incentives present themselves to firms looking to expand their practice abroad
  • Lessons Learned in the New “Un-normal” Normal
    A unique perspective from a medium-sized firm amidst an unpredictable business climate
  • What Clients Value: An Interview with David Crowell
    The client perspective on design and what makes firms successful
  • Insights into International Practice: Report from Morocco
    What practice looks like on the other side of the Atlantic
  • Embracing the Business of Design
    Insights from the first annual Architecture Business Plan Competition
  • Why India?
    A first-generation firm explores reasons to make India a priority



    124 pages, full color