Multinational Design Firm Fee Survey, 2013


Many U.S.-based firms are finding growth outside U.S. borders, and this phenomenon isn’t strictly for the biggest players. Our 2013 analysis of U.S.-based architecture practices working abroad shows continued growth in global opportunities for firms that are prepared to make the commitment.

This special issue ranks the U.S. firms that are working around the globe. You’ll discover:

  • The U.S.-based multinational design firms
  • How much their international billings are
  • Historical perspectives on multinational work by U.S. firms
  • Where in the world the multinationals work

And also in this issue are feature articles from some of the most notable architecture and design firm leaders, offering experience and strategic optimism:

  • Stay Agile – Your Marketplace May Change Completely in Six Months
    Laying a course for the future of international practice.
  • 2013 DesignIntelligence Multinational Design Firm Fee Survey
    Top U.S.-based firms vie for a piece of the global pie. .
  • Tall, Global and Sustainable
    The advantages and disadvantages of building tall.
  • The Timely Death of the Imperious Global Design Agency
    Fundamental shifts in how global brand design consultancies approach the creative process.
  • Gateway to Asia
    Reflections on the DFC’s World Design Forum in Singapore.
  • Defining Culture
    Successful approaches to developing cultural attractors internationally.
  • Beyond Borders: The ABCs of International Practice
    A primer on international practice amid increasing competition.
  • Navigating the Maze
    The financial, operational, and marketing complexities of international practice.
  • Africa – The Next Frontier
    Essential components need to be aligned for any firm to be successful in the international arena.

    116 pages, full color