Communication By Design: Marketing Professional Services

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By Joan Capelin

How to communicate—and, especially why—to clients, prospects, staff, and the public is the basis of Communication By Design: Marketing Professional Services. It is targeted to business principals as well as anyone who aspires to a leadership position in a firm, association, or business joint venture.

Joan Capelin’s specialty as a public relations master is to build and protect the reputation of professional service providers, especially those in the design and construction industry. She founded Capelin Communications, Inc., a prominent public relations consulting firm, in 1981 and has since earned numerous awards and accolades. She is also an active speaker and a regular contributor of articles about professional services marketing, communications, and management.

"An invaluable guide for people who care about the future of their business...should be on every professional's desk."
—Gene Kohn

"The Ultimate fly-on-the-wall management tool, enabling us to observe, first-hand, how success really happens."
—Roger Whitehouse, Whitehouse & Company

"Joan Capelin offers thought-provoking practical lessons in marketing leadership—illustrated by interesting insights and implementable ideas. Read this book, put her advice into action, and your firm will flourish."
—Howard J.Wolff, Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo

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