A Look Ahead into 2017

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The year ahead promises rapid change on the largest imaginable scale. Big shifts in global demographics and geopolitics promise to disrupt the patterns of normal life and business for architects, designers, engineers, and contractors. This edition of DesignIntelligence Quarterly looks ahead into the future of A/E/C within the context of the past and present. We asked senior leaders of top architecture and engineering firms to tell us their top challenges and opportunities in 2017 for design businesses. Leading thinkers such as Sheela Maini Sogaard of BIG, J. Carl Ganter of Circle of Blue, and Peter MacKeith of the University of Arkansas give their perspectives on topics such as meteoric growth; the future of water; and new models of successful engagement between educational institutions, industry, and government.

And also in this issue are feature articles from some of the most notable architecture and design firm leaders, offering experience and strategic optimism:

  • Why Firms Fail - Part 1 by Dave Gilmore

  • BIG Lessons: Eight Key Points That We Focus(ed) on in Our Growth Process by Sheela Maini Sogaard

  • A More Relevant Year Ahead? by James P. Cramer

  • The Heart of Building Effective Professional Services Brands by Bob Fisher
  • Future of Architects: Extinction or Irrelevance by Barbara White Bryson

  • The Future of the Architecture Practice by Lance Josal
  • Resetting the Deck in 2017 by Scott Simpson
  • Going Local: Architecture and Design Schools as Agents of Change by Bob Fisher and Peter MacKeith
  • Designing Water's Future by J. Carl Ganter 
  • Technology Shifts from Design Process to Design Product by Aaron Lapsley

  • Security, IoT, AI and the Built Environment by Blaine Wishart
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