2016-2017 Strategic Forecast Report


The 2016-2017 DesignIntelligence Strategic Foresight Report delivers actionable advice you can use today.

Exclusive bonus for Design Futures Council members: Printed edition ships with an exclusive supplement "Foresight & Futures Invention" -- A guide to anticipating change, leading creative destruction, and designing new pathways

Learn how design and construction industry thought leaders are planning for the future. Discover regeneration opportunities. Understand how successful firms are growing despite a stalled economy. Learn what strategies you can leverage now. Use this information to optimize your business strategy.

With the input of the most influential thought leaders in the design professions, we’ve defined specific factors likely to shape your future. These are trends, shifts, challenges, and opportunities that will arise during a time of reform and progress.

Insight to inform and inspire you:

  • Trends Transforming Architecture and Design Today
  • Architecture and Design Services Forecast in Two Dozen Practice Areas
  • Forecasts by Project Type
  • Employment Outlooks for 2016 and Beyond
  • Trending of the Trends: What’s Gaining Significance; What’s Losing Significance
  • Global Economic Forecasts

Plus, penetrating feature articles in this issue:

The Expanding Influence of Architects
Hybrid design professions are changing and moving traditional boundaries
—James P. Cramer

DesignIntelligence Strategic Forecast Report 2016-2017
An expert panel discusses the future of the professions
ential resources in a strengthening economy

Radical Realignment in the AEC Industry
Emerging technology reveals staggering implications
—Scott Simpson

Profit Starts with Planning
How to manage your costs and reap rewards
—Julian Anderson

Circular Reasoning Redefined
Imagining the sustainable city of the future
—Dickson Despommier

Entrepreneurship and “the Architecture of Involvement”
An interview with Michael Kohn

Data-driven Sustainability
Big Data informs our understanding and actions toward a sustainable future
—Prem Sundharam

Intelligent Project Delivery
Principal catalysts for the rapid evolution of technology adoption
—Ron Perkins

Keeping the “Magic” in a Design Firm: The Leadership Challenge
On harnessing inspiration, vision, integrity, communication, and passion
—Clark Davis

92 pages, full color