2015-2016 Forecast Report


The 2015-2016 DesignIntelligence Foresight Report delivers actionable advice you can use today.

Learn how design and construction industry thought leaders are planning for the future. Discover regeneration opportunities. Understand how successful firms are growing despite a stalled economy. Learn what strategies you can leverage now. Use this information to optimize your business strategy.

With the input of the most influential thought leaders in the design professions, we’ve defined specific factors likely to shape your future. These are trends, shifts, challenges, and opportunities that will arise during a time of reform and progress.

Insight to inform and inspire you:

  • Trends Transforming Architecture and Design Today
  • Architecture and Design Services Forecast in Two Dozen Practice Areas
  • Forecasts by Project Type
  • Employment Outlooks for 2015 and Beyond
  • Trending of the Trends: What’s Gaining Significance; What’s Losing Significance
  • Global Economic Forecasts

Plus, penetrating feature articles in this issue:

Springboard to New Prosperity in 2015
Firms of all sizes can position themselves to set the pace of change in a rapidly evolving industry

DesignIntelligence Trends Foresight Report 2015
Our 2015 foresight panel weighs in on the future of the professions

Post-Recession Strategies: Life Cycle Design & DBA
With a looming talent shortage, firms amplify creative power with emerging technologies

Call to Leadership: AEC Design Transparency
The benefits of an open-source system for gathering and sharing design performance data

How SEO Can Help Your Firm Grow
Conventional approaches to SEO are no longer sufficient to stay ahead of the game

Understanding Stress as a Way to Improve Healthcare Design
Creating environments that reduce stress and improve health care outcomes

Futures 101: Practical Principles of Strategic Foresight for AEC Leaders
How firms can avoid hazards and take full advantage of emerging opportunities

Retrofits and the First Benefits of Integrated Design
Examining the matter of retrofits within the larger scope of sustainability and buildings

The Renaissance of Detroit and the Education of Creative Professionals at CCS
The embattled city poises for a revival, leveraging potential resources in a strengthening economy

Closing the Gap Between Project Funding and Successful Business Planning
Innovation is often about re-framing the obvious

Shepley Bulfinch: The Continuous Improvement of America’s First “Professional Architecture Firm
How one firm created a structure that would become today’s modern architectural practice

100 pages, full color