Global A/E/C Happenings Edition (4Q 2017)


With so much in flux in geopolitics, economics, and the global A/E/C industry, DesignIntelligence believes that the current global condition demands a measured, mature, and inclusive view. Consequently, we are increasing our commitment to a global perspective in our events, research and media.

Readers of this edition will see insights from organizations in the U.K. and Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia - part of our effort to help leaders, practitioners and educators better understand significant events and ideas from other parts of the world.

This edition includes insights from leading thinkers on topics as diverse as integrated project delivery (Howard Ashcraft), cybersecurity (Blaine Wishart), and values-based practice (Darryl Condon). We hope these and other articles, combined with our survey on multinational practice, will provide you new perspective on professional practice and leadership.

Other highlights include:

  • Why Firms Fail - Part IV
  • Leadership Lessons from High Performance Driving
  • Sharing the Story of Architecture, Part II: Communication Leadership by Inclusion
  • Is Data the New Currency of Design?
  • Designing Financial Success
  • The Pulse of the Planet
  • Emerging Talent Preparation: How Colleges of Architecture and Design Are Ensuring Relevance of Emerging Talent
  • Global Perspective - A Look at 2018
  • Heading Into 2018, Design Firms are Cautiously Optimistic
  • A View into the U.K. Architecture and Design Market
  • A View of the Market in Denmark
  • Southeast Asia Construction Market - The State of Play
  • Construction Outlook for Australia, 2017 to 2018
  • Multinational Design Firm Fee Survey


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