Technology & Innovation Survey, 2012


Full of the data you need to made good technology decisions, the May/June issue of DesignIntelligence includes our 2012 Technology & Innovation Survey. You’ll learn from peer firms:

  • How billable BIM is
  • Who drives the decision to use BIM
  • The aspects of BIM integration most widely used
  • Benefits firms are seeing from BIM use
  • Trends in sharing BIM models
  • The most popular BIM and CAD products
  • Use of productivity tools such as scheduling software, project management software, videoconferencing
  • IT spending habits and predictions
  • Social networking’s reach
  • The most admired technology-leading firms and software providers
  • Technology opportunities

Table of Contents

  • At Issue: Technology Investment
    Strategic factors to consider when looking at new technology
    —James P. Cramer
  • 2012 DesignIntelligence Technology & Innovation Survey What tools are firms using and how satisfied are they?
    Tools of Engagement
    Good IT strategy means enabling engagement via the cloud, mobile, and social platforms
    —Bradley Horst
  • Warming Up to Social Media
    Design firms are recognizing the strategic value of online interactivity
    —Mike Plotnick
  • Game On for A/E/C
    What the design and building industry can learn from video game designers
    —John Aaron Phillips
  • Breaking Ground for Tomorrow
    Top A/E performers align their strategies beyond the current economic landscape
    —Bob Stalilonis
  • Risky Business
    Think in terms of managing rather than avoiding risk
    —Scott Simpson
  • The Leadership Progression
    You don’t create a leader simply by bestowing a title
    —Patrick Thibaudeau
  • The Resiliency Market
    Shore up your firm’s competencies in sustainability to enhance business opportunities
    —Patrick C. Moore
66 pages
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